My sobriety date is March 13, 1981 - 36 years ago. I still remember that last drunk. It was in Duncan, B.C. Canada. Duncan is on Vancouver Island, about a two hour ferry ride from Vancouver, B.C. Anyway, I was in Duncan on business. I was making a surprise visit on our three apartment buildings, totalling 107 rental units. There were four partners. I was the managing partner. The other three were very wealthy. By then I had lost pretty well everything. Eileen, my first wife had left me and I had lost my partnership in a lucrative chartered accountant firm. We are now called Chartered Professional Accountants (C.P.A., C.A.). Both losses were directly caused by my alcoholism. I continued to drink for two or three years in spite of these two losses. It took a tough twelve step call from a guy named Pat. Pat had been in the Irish Republic Army (I.R.A.). He gave me tough love. Real tough love. I thank God for Pat. He knew the jailer in small town Duncan. Pat said, "I have to go back to work. If I let you go, you will keep drinking. I know the jailer. Will you let me put you in jail? I will come and get you when I finish work, and we will go to an A.A. meeting." Something caused me to say, "Yes." I just realized I have been sober about half my life. I am now 72. Born on August 29, 1944.

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