I truly did believe I was on the way out when I was in hospital in November 2016. However, I did find peace in what Apostle Paul said "Lord I would rather be home with you, however, if there are things for me to do here, let me stay." I now realize the serenity prayer kind of says the same thing. This prompted me to get my big book. Read page 417 on acceptance. Also my favourite in the big book. Page 419 on feelings. Letting go of old ideas. Growing up, I was encouraged to suppress feelings rather than express them. I remember when I was about ten telling my mom that I was sad that the summer holidays were over and I would have to go back to school. My mom said "O! Don't be sad, look at the lovely flowers." Duh! It would be funny if it wasn't so serious. Remember, my asking "How do you feel: mad, sad or glad"? Better still, "Are you willing to die for your wife"? Anyway! I do have a lot to do. Thus! I am staying on planet Earth. My will, life insurance(yes at 72) and my twitter community I have been apartment bound for about nine months. Believe it or not, I've enjoyed the solitude. Blessing to you all.

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